Piercing Debris

Flake Debris - Drums, Vocals
Shard Debris - Bass, Vocals
Flotsam Debris - Guitar, Vocals

It is difficult to know what to say about the Debris brothers.  Their set is so nonsensical that perhaps it is impossible to pull from it an effective generalization.

Most of their songs appear to be mostly ad-lib, changing drastically from performance to performance, often with inexplicable changes and completely random lyrics.  The music is usually fairly simple, only rarely revealing the true skills of three excellent musicians.  Normally they prefer to keep their talents understated, instead emphasizing the melodic and lyrical aspects of their one-take-says-it all art form.

While they generally prefer to avoid studio recording, saying it "dilutes the essential magma of disgusting groove", twice we have lured them into our studios with promises of free booze and loose women.  The first time, they absolutely refused to cooperate with the engineer, instead choosing to get stoned and 'redecorate' several pieces of very expensive studio equipment.  Later they suddenly sat down and played a few random bars, which we scrambled to capture on digital recording gear.  We walked away from the day with four cuts: our favorite, a non-musical but moronically amusing piece called "Need a Bong Hit", and also "Kinderhund", "Licensed by Christ", and "Glaucoma".  They called the session "Manicoteen", for what reason we were not able to discern.

The second time, they were a little more well-behaved, and the end results were two songs, "Can't Beat the Beet" and "Just Go Away", neither of which is finished, and both of which they lost interest in before they could complete.  We are still trying to get them back in the studio to finish those recordings, which would probably be their best works to date, if they would finish them.

Finally, we have "Man From Spokane", another recording recently unearthed from the archives.

Kinderhund 7.8 MB
Need a Bong Hit 3.7 MB
Licensed By Christ 8.9 MB
Glaucoma 13.4 MB
Unfinished Demos
Just Go Away 2.2 MB
Can't Beat the Beet 3.0 MB
Man From Spokane
4.3 MB
Live Recordings
(coming soon)