Junkyard Playthings

Junkyard Playthings are to Mozart as a blender is to a sunset. These are sounds misplaced, regurgitated, reincarnated, mangled. I'm not sure it's even music, but if it's not, I'm not sure what it is. It is sheer creative energy, unbridled by theory, mixed up and thrown at the listener like a cafeteria food fight. But it's very fun to listen to.

Greatest Hits
Crash Practice 5.2 MB
Dust To Euphoria 2.6 MB
Broken Silence 5.6 MB
Tea With Vega 2.8 MB
Claw's Caress 3.4 MB

2007 Collection
Crime Rave (fc,tw,ts)3.2 MB
AirOff (ts,fc)1.6 MB
Explogenre (nc,tw,fc)3.5 MB

2006 Collection
Gone Wired (nsc,ac,ts,fc)4.4 MB
Didgeridont (fc,ts,ac)3.9 MB
Hellasmash (bh,ts,th,fc)2.8 MB
Mayhemisphere (ac,ts,fc)5.3 MB
Wraithracket (ts,nc,fc,ac)3.6 MB
Sick So Sick (tw,jc,ts,fc)4.1 MB

2005 Collection
Machine Gun Pinball (ac,fc,ts,zm,ss)3.2 MB
Lightning Angel (sl,ac,zm,ss,ts,fc)7.7 MB
Evolve Or Die Trying (zm,ss,fc)4.0 MB
Hammer Mojo (dc,sl,ac)5.0 MB
Technology Blender (sl,fc,ac,dc)8.2 MB
Junkyard Plaything (dc,fc)11.2 MB
Thistle Shock (ac,sl,ts,fc)6.8 MB
Surrey Derby (ts,ac,sl,fc)2.6 MB
Crash Practice (sl,ac,fc)5.2 MB
Cruel Mercy (fc,ac,bh,sl)3.1 MB
Dust To Euphoria (bh,fc,sl,ac)2.6 MB
Tea With Vega (fc,bh)2.8 MB
Claw's Caress (fc,bh,th,ac)3.4 MB
Broken Silence (sl,bh,ac,fc)5.6 MB
Vox Machina (ts,sc,rs,fc,bh)6.1 MB
Runt With The Haunted (rs,sc,fc)4.5 MB
Coop De Grace (th,bh,fc)3.2 MB
Whistle This (bh,fc,th)3.3 MB
Throb Story (fc,th,bh)4.8 MB
Asquatch (th,th,fc)2.7 MB
Breakwater Easy (sl,ac,fc)4.0 MB
Hang Brightly (ac,fc,sl)2.8 MB
Salvaged Beast (fc,ac,rw)2.7 MB
Malfunctional (rw,ac,fc5.0 MB