He calls himself Crunchkin. His works bring together elements of percussion, poetry, polyrhythm and sheer madness to create some real works of quirky creative genius. Usually his muse doesn’t cooperate with the rigors of the studio, so many of his recordings come to us in rather unfinished states. But we believe in the music, and we always love to hear what he creates, so we do our best to clean it up and give it to you.

He also works in visual arts, poetry, and philosophy. He has his own site at

"Crunchkin", 2000
Prize Patrol  7.5 MB
Mary Mount Carmel  11.6 MB
Jack Of  4.5 MB
Synergies Of A Dream  2.2 MB
Algonquin Tribute  4.7 MB
Infancy Again  4.0 MB
Charli  4.3 MB
Failed Poet  7.1 MB
Mini Baghdad  8.5 MB
Introduction  0.8 MB
Feu du Coer Gypsy  2.7 MB
Stones Of Aran  1.6 MB
Haiku-Summer Grasses  5.0 MB

"Fragmentology", 2006
Motorway  4.5 MB
Day of Infamy  15.4 MB
Zarathustra  10.6 MB
Isn't It Obvious  6.1 MB
Freedom  7.5 MB
Rhumba Suite Medley  24.2 MB
Instrument Lights  10.3 MB
Surf Music  6.9 MB
Tough Nut to Crack  4.2 MB
Laurie's Dulcimer  7.7 MB