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Ah, chickenlab. What failed genetic experiment could possibly have produced these freaks? Well, it takes one to know one, and we know something about rabid metal with the occasional Merle Haggard identity crisis. And here we have chickenlab. We say, they rock!

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(4.5 out of 5 stars)
CD Review
chickenlab: The Lone Star Scam
If you're seeking a spark to warm your little hard-rocking hearts, be careful: this one might burn your house down. It's original, humorous, full of surprises, and simply rocks. If System of a Down convinced you there was life beyond the same tired metal and grunge, let chickenlab show you what a little genetic engineering can do.

While stretched around a solid, driving rock/metal framework, the music knows no bounds. I almost want to call it Metal Opera, but that sounds too sissy. It's full of great hard-rocking scream-alongs, giving way to harmonious cooling-off periods, or meandering into a completely different style. It's full of changes, and never overplays itself. The musicianship is obvious.

The lyrics are generally just as original, creative, amusing, sometimes even catchy. A dominant theme is political; fortunately, anyone smart and informed enough to understand it will not be offended. If there is a weak point to the CD, however, it is Track 6. It's just crude and juvenile, and I usually skip it. But I guess it can't all be cutting socially relevant and sarcastic commentary.

Overall the album is excellent, probably the best new music I've heard this year. I would strongly recommend it to anyone with a taste for excellent musicianship and talent applied to the new breed of metal and a biting tongue. You won't be disappointed.

- Fritz Capell,